Why Choose Mediation?

With a greater understanding of why problems are occurring, people can come to agreement about how to resolve difficulties.

Mediation puts you in CONTROL. It is voluntary and you can decide to pull out at any stage. Mediators do not judge you: they are impartial. Neither they nor anyone else tells you what to do. What you choose to agree with your neighbour is entirely up to you.

Mediation is EMPOWERING. It gives you the chance to tell your neighbour your side of the story and about the impact the situation has been having on you, while they have to listen. When it is your turn to listen, you are likely to learn something you didn’t know before! You may be able to communicate effectively with your neighbour for the first time in a long while.

Mediation can be QUICK once you and your neighbour have both agreed to try it. You may have been agonising for weeks, months or even years about your neighbour problems, but you may be able to reach an agreement in just one and a half hours! A legal process on the other hand is likely to be long and drawn out.

With mediation, there is a very GOOD CHANCE OF AN AGREEMENT being reached that both you and your neighbour are comfortable with. Going to court on the other hand, generally results in a winner and a loser. This is likely to worsen your relationship with your neighbour rather than improve it.

Mediation is CONFIDENTIAL.  No one else need know about it. If your case has been referred to us by the police, your landlord  or someone else, we tell them whether or not a mediation took place and if an agreement was reached. We do not tell them any of the details of what happened during the mediation.

Our mediation service is FREE, unlike going to court which is likely to be very costly, even if you win your case.

More than two neighbours involved? We can still help!



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