Volunteering with Mid-Surrey Mediation Service

Mediators are active listeners, patient, able to separate facts from feelings, capable of empathy without showing any bias and able to remain detached and not judge people. They do not need any knowledge of the law as they don’t give legal advice. Their role is to “oil the wheels” and help disputants sort out things for themselves.


Do you have 

  • a liking for people – an enjoyment of working with people, even the quirky or cantankerous ones?
  • a sense of humour?
  • your own car?
  • some time to spare?

then read on, you might like to become a volunteer mediator with Mid-Surrey Mediation Service!


Questions & Answers

How is the Service run?

Mid-Surrey Mediation Service is a registered charity funded mainly by grants from various local groups. It is run by a management committee, elected at an annual general meeting, which includes a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary, who are also usually volunteer mediators. There is also a Co-ordinator, who takes calls from clients and referring agencies and allocates cases to the mediators.

How many cases would I have to deal with?

It can vary. The Co-ordinator receives a case and asks two Mediators if they can take it on. If for some reason, one of them can’t take a case at the moment, it is offered to someone else. It may be helpful to think in terms of five to six cases a year.

How much time to a case?

Each preliminary visit may last up to about an hour. The joint meeting will take about two hours. The two Mediators have to share out the making of appointments and the writing of brief reports.

Anything else involved?

The Mediators hold regular evening meetings to discuss cases, to update training or listen to a speaker. All mediators are expected to attend 6 times per year. As mediators run the Service, there has to be some commitment to participating in whatever that involves, such as helping with publicity, e.g., by writing articles or attending events to man a display, helping with fundraising, keeping in touch with referring agencies or standing for election to a management committee position.

Is a mediator paid?

Mediators are not salaried, but their expenses are covered by a standard payment per case.

How much training is involved?

Six days of initial training are given, usually mainly at weekends and funded by the Service. Afterwards there are opportunities for further training at mediators’ meetings or at separately organised workshops.


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