Dispute: Damaged Hedge v Unreasonable Behaviour

Dispute: Damaged Hedge v Unreasonable Behaviour

Local police in Epsom referred a case to us following a call out alleging that Neighbour A had hacked down part of a hedge and thrown large pieces of wood in Neighbour B’s garden after a row about an overgrown hedge between their back gardens.

Neighbour A said that the high hedge was preventing them from enjoying their garden as it blocked light and took up valuable space. Tempers had run high and each neighbour had been reported as being angry, upset and emotional.

The Mediation Process

Mediators were assigned to the case and visited each neighbour separately to hear about the issue from their point of view. Both were feeling frustrated that the situation had escalated and accused each other of being unreasonable and threatening. To begin with one of them refused to attend a meeting with the other and said they didn’t see any likelihood that they would ever be able to resolve their differences particularly since the dispute had been going on for some time. After a further discussion with the mediators both neighbours agreed to attend a joint meeting.


This went ahead and despite their reluctance ended with an agreement to cut back the hedge and be civil with each other in future. The meeting ended on good terms and when the mediators rang a few weeks later all seemed well. Later feedback from the neighbours was positive and they said how much they had appreciated the support from the mediators and the opportunity to draw a line under past differences.