Dispute: Kids Football vs Late Night TV

Dispute: Kids Football vs Late Night TV

D’s children are often kept awake by next door’s TV late into the evening. He keeps receiving notes from Mr and Mrs L, the retired couple next door, with complaints about the children, usually about their games of football in the garden, including a demand that he repair the fence as it damaged by footballs. D had a row with Mr L on the doorstep, following which Mr L called the police, who suggested mediation and D agreed.


Mrs L. is frightened of D. She and her husband are fed up with footballs landing on their plants and the sound of bad language coming from next door’s garden. The children had been rude to Mrs L. A big hole had appeared in the fence. D had refused to repair it and had threatened to punch Mr L. When the Police suggested mediation, the Ls reluctantly agreed.


The Mediation Process

At the mediation meeting at the local community hall, D was accompanied by his friend Miss P, who did not participate but was there to support D and even up the numbers on each side. D and the Ls each gave their point of view and the mediators ensured they both got a fair hearing. After some discussion, D agreed to talk to his children about being polite and encourage them to play football at the park. The Ls agreed to ask their son to repair the fence, and D agreed to pay for the materials. They also agreed to keep their TV volume low after 10 pm and to speak to D rather than send notes, in case of a problem in future.

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