About Us

  • We are Mid-Surrey Mediation Service, a registered charity (No. 1051105), established in 1994. We are funded wholly by grants and donations and are totally independent of any other organisation.
  • We help people who have arguments, rows or disputes with their neighbours to sort things out and move on with their lives.
  • Any kind of neighbourhood dispute can be considered for mediation. Common ones include noise, boundary disputes, parking, high hedges or trees, abusive behaviour and harassment.
  • We operate in Epsom & Ewell and Mole Valley in the county of Surrey. Click here to find out if your area is covered 
  • Our mediators are fully trained volunteers who have attended a recognised course in community mediation
  • You can contact us directly if you need our help. Neighbourhood disputes are also referred to us by organisations such as the police, local housing associations or the council.

How we can help

With the help of mediators, neighbours in dispute can:

  • Speak, listen and be listened to
  • Define and clarify the issues at stake
  • Express differences and explain how they feel
  • Improve communication and understanding
  • Reach an agreement more quickly than with a formal process
  • Resolve their disputes confidentially
  • Reduce stress levels and improve relationships, even if an agreement is not reached

How mediation works
Mediation is a unique method of conflict resolution in which everyone is a winner

Why Mediation?
With a greater understanding of why problems are occurring, people can come to agreement about how to resolve difficulties.

Still Unsure?
Consider how the future looks without trying mediation…

Find out how the process works >> click here 

“Life here is all good thank you. It’s much less awkward now as we greet one another when our paths cross which is much nicer.”
M, Dorking

“Thank you, meeting through you with our neighbour helped solve the problem before it went out of control.”
Mrs M, Epsom

“I would completely recommend this route as the first way of sorting your problem.   It worked for us.”
Mr F, Ewell

“With the help of MS Mediation we sorted it”
Miss P, Mole Valley

“The Mediators were Professional and Empathetic”
Self Referral

“The Mediators were excellent – huge help to discuss the situation and put it into perspective.”
Self Referral


We are very grateful for the support of our stakeholders and sponsors without whom we could not continue to provide a community mediation service in Epsom & Ewell and Mole Valley.


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