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Cllr-Margaret-Cooksey“Mid-Surrey Mediation Service has proved time and time again that mediation is a useful and worthwhile method of resolving disputes between neighbours. We are lucky to have this service available to the residents of Mole Valley and I encourage anyone who is unfortunate enough to have trouble with their neighbours to contact them.”

Cllr. Margaret Cooksey of Mole Valley District Council

“As a police officer I’ve seen plenty of instances where mediation has prevented a minor issue becoming a major one. Conversely, the disastrous consequences of failing to utilise mediation at an early stage can emotionally and financially take its toll on all parties.  Mid-Surrey Mediation is comprised of a compassionate and professional team of mediators . I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a neighbourhood dispute in our area to make contact with them at the earliest opportunity.”

Inspector Richard Hamlin, Surrey Police